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: Friday, March 16, 2012, 13:43

Forgot account details, opened new account, got shut down

I had a PayPal account years ago and then didn’t use it and then I started using eBay again and forgot my old PayPal details and just opened another and I used it to buy stuff from eBay only, got 14 great feedbacks and all of a sudden I got an email from PayPal saying they were closing my account cause I had 2 accounts and they don’t want any customers to have bad experiences??? I told them I hadn’t sold anything and when I’d paid, it was instant. I told them to shove their site and that’s about it ha

Submitted By:: Linda

Location-: Nottingham, UK

One thought on “Forgot account details, opened new account, got shut down
  1. Shubham on

    How did you ask them to pay? If you ask paypal them that is where it will go, Money order check them they will mail it. It does not go into you ebay aoccunt, they are not a bank paypal is there banking system. When you item sell you will get an email telling you that you item sold and where the money is and how much it is. Was this answer helpful?

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