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: Wednesday, January 2, 2013, 14:06

Forever limited can’t even close account

I am a telemarketer for a US company, while I do the office works here in my home office in the Philippines. I was supposed to get paid thru Paypal, so my employer made a payment of $400.41 and they instantly deducted around $15.92 for the transaction. Both I and my employer were new in Paypal so I complained about the huge deduction against my account. I was transferring then my money to my bank account when I checked it again they cancelled the transfer and put my account with limitations. They held the money and made me upload some identifications and said I need to wait 24-48 hours for them to review, I did but they put it now on permanent restriction. I had my boss conference call with them and he asked them why’d hold my money when I havent done anything yet with my account. No purchases, nothing. Paypal guys can’t even answer why they hold up the money. We had to be transferred almost 20 times. Spent hours and hours with them. Got hung up on from a lady from
the limitations department, and finally we got a decent guy and refunded the money back then settled the negative balances Paypal charged me. Now, my account sits there, forever limited. I just want it now to be closed and forget about Paypal.

Submitted By:: Maricar

Location-: Philippines


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