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admin : Tuesday, February 25, 2014, 14:30

I filed a dispute and Paypal banned my account

So, i played the game “Dragon’s Prophet”, where i used a good amount of money. Later, when i had used a bunch of the stuff i bought in the game, it got destroyed in the game by a bug. Now they say that it is my own fault, i decided to pay for something in a game, that is in beta. BUT, i did pay for something and did basically get cheated away from it. I decided to dispute all my transactions with this company in (What i wrote in ALL the disputes) what was supposed to be one big dispute, however, paypal ignored this message, and saw them all as singular disputes. Later they came with the message that since i payed for a virtual item, it cannot be disputed (If you pay for a virtual ticket, you apparently cannot dispute it). And their action was to permanently ban my account. How did i suddenly get to be the victim here? How is this fair? I tried contacting support to hear them out what this was all about, and basically just got turned a blind eye. I did something wrong, and i must suffer the consequences. In what world was i the bad guy?


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