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: Thursday, February 10, 2011, 16:13

Fake Rosetta Stone French Software

From the editor:

Even though this submission has nothing to do with PayPal or eBay, I decided to publish it because this is the second submission I have received regarding fake Rosetta Stone products being distributed-

I was looking for Rosetta Stone’s French levels 1,2,3,4,5, and I found on eBid that there were two selling from a seller named Micheal Daniel.  He had put the description up as “Brand New & Sealed Rosetta Stone French Version 3, Level 12345″. Supposedly it was still in its original wrapping and never opened, being sold as an unwanted gift. The description also stated that the seller “previously planned to travel and no longer needed it”.

So i bought both of them on the 2nd January 2011.

However when i recieved the item it was a clear fake, i didn’t even realize you could get fake Rosetta Stone products, but the user manual had numerous spelling mistakes, even referring to it as Rosetta Stome! So I contacted the seller to say that I would accept one of them, even thought it was fake, but would like a full refund for the other one I purchased as my friend did not want a fake copy.

I got no reply, so I tried to install the fake product onto my computer but it kept coming up as error and would not install. I contacted the seller to inform him that I would like a full refund instead, but he still did not reply.

Submitted By:: sara williams

Location: Liverpool/ United Kingdom


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