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: Wednesday, April 4, 2012, 18:11

Fake Panda 1 oz. Gold Coin

I bought a 1 oz. gold Panda coin from a seller on Ebay. When I got it I put it away because we were going away for the winter. We came home in March and we found out it was fake!!! Just spoke to a PayPal representative and he said there is not anything they can do about it because it’s over the 45 day rule for refunds!! Don’t buy coins off of Ebay or you will get scammed too and Ebay/Paypal does give a darn!!!

Submitted By:: Richard

Location-: Saratoga

2 thoughts on “Fake Panda 1 oz. Gold Coin
  1. Bill Bill on

    Panda Coin: Put yourself in any bankers or shopkeepers shoes, or your own shoes. Buyers get goods and looks at them and then outs them away. He’s accepted them, approved them, and he had 1 day to 45 days to complain. He fails to do so, so the DEAL CLOSES. Now he wants to re-opne using the excuse he had gone away and when he returned ………………………. It was too late. Not Paypals Fault but yours. I’m no fan of Paypal, but in this case your at fault. As for Ebay get them to close the sellers account, but what good will that do – he opens another account in 30 minutes under another name. Your beef is with the seller. All that shines is not gold. ………………………..

  2. steve on

    I would like to know what the coin looked like. My friend just bought a panda coin at an amazing price. It doesn’t look quite right to me.

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