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: Thursday, April 5, 2012, 14:01

Fake Account – PayPal send Debt Collectors

In December 2011 a crook opened a fake PayPal account in behalf of my father and payed from it for vouchers from a jewelry online shop. We reacted promptly and informed PayPal and the Police. Nevertheless PayPal wanted the money from my father. A debt collection agency was bullying my father and threatened to obtain a court order against him. PayPal played dead until i published my complaints on Facebook and Google +. All of a sudden they called me, and – surprise: they couldn’t even find the fake account of my father any more. Nevertheless the debt collectors kept writing, until we fired backed and threatened to sue them as well as PayPal. In the end, PayPal resigned and apologized to my father, but i don’t think it would have turned out like that without me being rather aggressive and addressing social media.

Submitted By:: Thomas Hafen

Location-: Munich, Germany

One thought on “Fake Account – PayPal send Debt Collectors
  1. PayPal-Terminator on

    If PayPal sends one of their scumbag collection agencies after you, what you need to know is your rights concerning debt collection agencies. The Consumer Protection Act of 1978 protects you. The first thing you do is write a letter, saying I want proof of the debt being owed. Prove that it was you that did the debt. If they cant prove it then they are SOL. Collection Agencies are bastards and them some. They are gambling on you not knowing your rights, and they will go right up the line if not pass the line to the point were they are violating the consumer protection act. In order for the collection agency to actually sue you, they have to go to the home state and city to where the collection is due. The fact that they threatened you with a court order is illegal. You have a legal right to record the conversation and tell them right there you are recording the conversation. Only a judge can issue a court order, you should of just laughed in their faces. Right a certified return receipt letter stating Do not call. They must put everything in writing. If your a victim of identify theft and you have a police report, then your ok. The fact that PayPal didnt back down due to social media, they have thousands of people they screwed over, they knew they couldnt collect the debt and you wouldnt fall for their BS tricks.

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