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: Wednesday, November 24, 2010, 8:45

PayPal Debits Account For Failed Transaction

I have received e mails from telling me that I have a negative balance of £400 on my Paypal account. The reason they claim I am in the negative is because of two ebay transactions and transfers of £200.00 each. Both were failed transactions!

I have no credit with Paypal that would allow my account to find itself in a negative balance, yet I am required to pay in full for each of these failed transactions. It’s clear that a PayPal system error is responsible for this situation, but PayPal  simply refuses to acknowledge this.  They are persistent in pursuing me for the balance on the account, and have now referred me to a debt collection agency.

I have provided Paypal with an email from the ebay seller. The email from the seller confirms that both of the transactions indeed failed. I also called PayPal customer service and asked them to check their records on the date of the attempted transaction. Calling PayPal’s customer service department in itself is not an easy process, but I have my phone bill with records of the calls made.

The simple answer is that the item was not purchased at all! The records clearly show that they are all for exactly the same item, which according to Paypal I purchased 3 times. Simply ridiculous.  Why would I buy the same item 3 times? (I should mention that the item was a single/one off festival ticket).

The facts clearly show that the transaction failed, but Paypal is being very belligerent about this situation and refuses to acknowledge the facts.

I have also sent PayPal numerous emails asking for details about the transactions on my account. All of this has been done within the required 28 days for their formal complaints procedure, and they have yet to respond or send me a request for supportive information. They are not even trying to prove their allegation, much less investigate anything.

Do not use Paypal, they have no desire to resolve problems or deal with the facts.

Submitted By:: JW

Location: UK

One thought on “PayPal Debits Account For Failed Transaction
  1. Ralph wayne Perkins sr on

    would like to know how I got more than one paypal account I found this out and you put this limited and I didn’t even know had a paypal account tilI tried to get one if you could fix this matter would really appreciate it and let me know and also have had isentity theft and still trying to fix that so let me know what can be done thank you for your time

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