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: Wednesday, April 4, 2012, 13:02

Ebay/Paypal ethics are appalling

I am an ex ebay power seller of rare stamps. I have been selling on ebay since 2002. After changing our selling user id and other measures to increase security, we have almost 4000 transaction with 100% positive feedback. We received 4 ratings of “1-2″ stars in the last year for shipping costs of $1.50. The “excessive” shipping/customer dissatisfaction – (4 out of 3875 approx) has us in a below standard seller rating. Moreover, anything you print showing the “customer paid” to ship with your item tells the customer your funds are held due to being below standards. I’m sure that is an encouragement to the new customers that we all hope to attract while retaining our loyal other 3871! Ebay/Paypal ethics are appalling, considering it is only sellers that not only permit the ebay stock to exist, but fund the ebay/paypal payroll! Do they think that we won’t be considering options and creating solutions?

Submitted By:: T. McCoy

Location-: California City, CA


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