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admin : Thursday, October 9, 2014, 14:08

eBay provided me with wrong return address, never got refund

I´ve ordered something from a professional seller and paid via Paypal. The article was delivered (mobile phone) and didn´t work properly.
I cancelled the transaction via Ebay and sent the unit back to the address which was supplied by Ebay to me. The seller didn´t reimburse the money.
I reported the case to Paypal. They came back with an address where to send the unit. By that time I had already sent the article back to the address supplied by Ebay. This address was different than the one the seller had listed at Ebay.
Paypal declined to pay the money back since I had sent the unit to the wrong address. I informed them about the official address of the seller at Ebay, but that didn´t change a thing. They told me that the case was decided in favor of the seller. So now I don´t have the article nor my money. This definitely is fraud and I will bring this up at the police.


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