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admin : Tuesday, December 2, 2014, 13:14

eBay send nonredeemable voucher

Some weeks ago I had a voucher sent by ebay and code to go with it after trying to enter the voucher code for £10 as part payment on a pair of boots I liked I gave it up as a bad job as there was no way of getting help on this voucher so I went onto Amazon and ordered a pair from the same shop that ebay used since then I have ordered another pair in a different color also a 50 in Tv this is arriving Thursday, so the moral of this story is ebay have lost a customer and so has paypal as you know if you check your details I used to pay by paypal, I now find if I have a problem on Amazon I have some one who will answer my question also I have 2 pairs of boots a Tv and ebay and paypal have both lost a customer all because of a voucher and no one to ask about it


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