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: Monday, April 2, 2012, 10:37

ebay seller

I tryed to hit buy now for a cell phone and it would not allow me to when I called customer care told them they sent me invoice for pay pal I did pay it but when I bought the phone they said I am buying out side of ebay and I can be in trouble for this. I called ebay too to let them know that I tryed to hit buy now but it would not let me cause they dont ship by Canada post. Also it said it was Rogers phone and costed me xtra $ to unlock it I said fine so I got invoice for unlocking it it was cancelled cause Promobility is sending me a blackberry 8800 and that the person I spoke to on pay pal phone emailed asking for something that fits my range of what I paid they did I am thank full for it. That rep emailed them sent me copy of this too. now if I dont get the product by 2 weeks what do I do?

Submitted By:: RodneyM

Location: Peterborough,ONT,CANADA


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