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admin : Wednesday, August 11, 2010, 19:50

Ebay Buyer Scams Seller, PayPal Doesn’t Care

I sold a Caravan Factory DVD in-dash changer on eBay.  I sent out the changer in perfect working condition. Once he received the package, he apparently opened it on the opposite end of the label, and replaced it with a damaged unit. He then told me that it was damaged and that he did not want it. Then he taped up the box from the bottom and told USPS he wanted to refuse the shipment so he didnt have to pay return shipping.

His story to PayPal was that unit never even showed up. He then told them he wasnt going to be at the address for 6 months, and that he wouldn’t be able to receive it anyway. The reps at PayPal did not seem to care at all and had no desire to investigate the matter further.  So now I’m out $239.00 and have only a damaged DVD player to show for all of this. I cant believe this!

Submitted By RH


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