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admin : Friday, August 1, 2014, 13:44

Ebay said I was too risky after 3 sales

I’ve only had my account open for 2 months. I’ve had a total of 3 sales ever in my entire seller’s history with eBay, just when I began growing comfortable with the process eBay decided that my selling behavior was risky and closed my seller’s account. It was OK for me to keep buying from them, selling, NO! I am astonished at the way eBay conducts its business and relations with the customer base for which its business model is founded upon. Not only that, but eBay is not even willing to disclose the details of the policy violation that they claim took place. eBay claimed that there was the possibility that I, seller, may not have had advertised items on my person for delivery once said buyer had the highest bid on an auction or buy it now option. Have they never heard of the drop-shipping business?


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