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admin : Monday, November 10, 2014, 13:09

eBay and Paypal stolen money

I was scammed through ebay and paypal by an unverified customer who had my account locked. My money is stolen and the buyer got her item anyway. I now deem Ebay and paypal as a criminal organization with ties to possible terrorists. They allow this type of activity and it almost seems as if they approve of it. There is no way of really talking to a human , and the only recourse you have is to follow a bunch of links that are a never ending circle of nothing that leads you nowhere. You get no help and I believe if everyone stopped using ebay and paypal, that this criminal organization would be drove out of business where they belong. It’s organized crime , and racketeering.

One thought on “eBay and Paypal stolen money
  1. DeeDee on

    It makes me extremely paranoid anymore even to list one thing with eBay due to the horror stories I’ve been told and in hearing. Too bad, payment can’t be received through ones credit card. And why can’t they be stopped for this type of fraudulent business practices?

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