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: Friday, November 9, 2012, 11:08

EBAY + PayPal = extortion

EBAY + PayPal = extortion
Get away from them both as fast as you can, they have sold out to teh Chinese import businesses among other things.

I sold a film projector that was like new on Ebay, the buyer left positive feedback and even an email about how great it worked as he had already ran 4000ft of film through it and was very happy.

3 days later he decided to complain to Paypal about it stopping working and he wanted his money back, this was a 40+ year old projector and he was informed of that not that it mattered .

I refused especially since follow up emails revealed he had dismantled it trying to find out what was wrong and decided he didn’t like bare audio and ground wires, which was the standard back then.

Told ebay I sold him a dangerous and ill described piece of equipment.
Long story but in the end of going back and forth with paypal and prioviding them his emails etc… they decided to give him MY money back.
Provided that he ship the machine back to me with shipping and delivery confirmation. So i am getting back a completely destroyed film projector is my expectation. Especillay since he stated in an email that he had two others of these that were also broken, and thus why he was buying mine.

Aparrently he is an IDIOTand not qualified to have a film projector And Paypal sided with him.

I have 100% positive feedback over 10 years with Ebay and I can assure you I have spent many thousands restoring a 57 Chevy with parts bought through Ebay.

I will close my accounts as soon as possible with Ebay and with Paypal.

This is nothing short of BIG BROTHER extorting us and we need to get out NOW !

Submitted By:: Ernest

Location-: Middletown NY

2 thoughts on “EBAY + PayPal = extortion
  1. rexflex on

    I hate all these scamming buyers trying to rip off sellers. We all ready have paypal/ebay taking what feels like half of our money and now the buyer wants the item for free. paypal and ebay was a good place to sell years ago but those days are long gone and now it is probably safer to just sell your stuff in some crime ridden back alley then to use paypal

  2. AU on

    I sold a watch on ebay. Buyer got buyers remorse with purchase and wanted to return it. I didn’t respond for a day and buyer sent me threats. I reported them to Ebay and asked the resolution unit not to give my physical home address for the mail back because of the threats. I called twice and they couldn’t care less about the threats and disproportionate anger and unbalanced hostility the buyer showed. So what does Ebay/Paypal do? They give the buyer my home address instead of my mailing address. And said they would cooperate with the authorities if the buyer made good on his threats. That is very reassuring if I am dead or assaulted due to their negligence in not taking this seriously.

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