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admin : Friday, February 7, 2014, 15:09

eBay, PayPal and Bill Me Later all support fraudulent transactions.

I purchased an oven that was was 1 of 5 in an auction on ebay which was supposed to be in “Like New – other” condition. I had to arrange for 3rd party delivery since the seller would not ship and was a large item 2 hrs from me.
When the item arrived I found that it was not in the condition described at all – it in fact was USED and DAMAGED.

I immediately disputed it with the seller via ebay rules. They ignored me and closed the auction selling only 2 of their 5 items on ebay. I escalated the dispute with eBay and they ignored me. I tried to claim the ebay / PayPal buyer protection but they ignored me. I raised a dispute with eBay, PayPal and Bill Me Later which are ALL the same company. All of them ignored me.

I have been sending invoices since the beginning for the shipping, storage and the cost of the item and charging interest. I reported the seller to the BBB and the seller lied to them. BBB closed the case. I owe Bill Me Later an amount higher than what I am invoicing them, but that debt is going down and my invoicing to them is going up. I plan to stop paying them when the invoicing is greater than my debt. Paypal needs to be shut down for their backing of Fraudsters. I am going to report this to the FTC and my Attorney Generals office. I also am hoping that there is a huge Class Action to sue eBay, PayPal and Bill Me Later for conspiring to commit fraud and back fraudulent transactions.


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