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: Tuesday, March 20, 2012, 13:11

ebay has started holding my funds due to low seller detail scores

ebay has started holding my funds due to low seller detail scores, I sell used merchandise and ship promptly and I am very easy to deal with seller. I take time and put extra effort into giving buyers good information in my listings but have run into a few unreasonable buyers that nailed me on “item as described” detail score. I have had only 1 negative feedback in 10years of ebay but since I started selling I have received 9 of these “low detail” scores in over 600 selling transactions usually accompanied by a positive feedback that says something like, “gold paint was a little faded”. I can easily defend all of these comments and even took steps to satisfy most including full refunds. With ebay holds and paypal time of transfer my money is unavailable for as long as 24-25 days on some transactions. I feel the new policy they instituted last year was purely to give them more cash flow by tying up seller monies by making it vertually impossible to meet the rediculous standard they have set. I was given this penalty for the first time in January of this year. In response I have reduced my listings to about 10% of prior years average. I look for anywhere else to sell other than ebay and share my experience with anyone I can. I am unemployed and took up ebay selling to help make up for my lost job. Ebay now has little value to me due to this unfair and unreasonable policy, they have given all the power to the buyer. SELLERS HAVE NO RECOURSE AND NO WAY TO CHALLENGE A UNDESERVED LOW SELLER DETAIL SCORE. THIS UNCHECKED POWER HAS A DEVISTATING DETRIMENTAL FINANCIAL EFFECT ON SELLERS, AND EBAY IS THE ONLY WINNER.

Submitted By:: Rick

Location-: San Jose, CA

One thought on “ebay has started holding my funds due to low seller detail scores
  1. Lyle Dorn on

    Have Proof of this Unconstitutional treatment of sellers and would like to find out what is being done about it!

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