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: Wednesday, May 18, 2011, 8:14

Can’t Use Ebay Gift Card

I have about $355 ebay gift cards linked to my permanently limited Paypal account about 7 months ago. I thought after the 6-month waiting period, I would be able to withdraw money from ebay gift cards that I fully paid for.

However, Paypal told me that ebay gift cards are not refundable, and once ebay gift card are attached to a Paypal account, I cannot use those gift cards in any way. This is stealing customers’ money, Paypal should be ashamed.

I’ve contacted my state AG office consumer protection dept, and the moderator told me that what Paypal is doing is unfair since gift cards have been fully paid for by customer. By voluntarily limiting the account, Paypal is placing permanent restriction on ebay gift cards attached to that account.
I’ll also file a case against Paypal/eBay in small claim court.

I will never use PayPal again.

Submitted By:: JL

Location: Rockville/Maryland

2 thoughts on “Can’t Use Ebay Gift Card
  1. ksmustng on

    I’m curious if anything has come of this? I’m fighting the same issue. I’m pretty sure this should be called theft.

  2. Jack on

    DO NOT and I mean DO NOT, by a gift card for Ebay through Pay Pal. i have been a customer for quite a while and Pay Pal is completely incompetentet.

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