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admin : Saturday, April 24, 2010, 17:23

Ebay Buyer Won’t Leave Feedback, PayPal Refuses To Release Funds

I listed a tanning bed on ebay and it sold for $510.00, that was 5 days ago. The person who bought it came to my house and picked it up 3 days ago. They paid through PayPal. The problem is that this was the first time they had purchased from ebay and they are really not interested in using ebay in the future. Therefore, they are not interested in leaving feed back as I called them and asked them to leave feedback so the funds could be released to me. I was told by them that they would TRY to leave feed back in a few weeks after they finished remodeling a room. I contacted PayPal twice and tried to explain to them but they would have nothing to do with that. They will not release the funds until 21 DAYS! So this guy has my tanning bed and is using it while I am yet to be reimbursed by PayPal because he wont give me any feedback. This is not fair, PayPal has my money and this whole set up is wrong!

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