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: Wednesday, April 3, 2013, 13:37

Ebay and paypal have different policies for the same dispute

I bought something on ebay that came in damaged. The seller had a 7 day return police and the seller did not reply to my email and I wanted to second day air the product back to make it within his 7 day return policy. I called ebay to confirm the address that it was shipped to me from was indeed the address to ship it back to. Ebay said yes, I returned it. The seller denied my request for a refund on paypal because he has his paypal set up with an ISRAEL address !!! Paypal said they don’t care what ebay said, if I wanted a refund I had to send it to the paypal address he had which was in Israel. I tried to explain it was already delivered and signed for at the address ebay supplied me with. Paypal refused to help me. Ebay told me cancel claim with paypal and they will manually refund me the $132 I will look for another company other than paypal for my ebay purchases and sales from now on.

Submitted By:: Susie

Location-: Las Vegas


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