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admin : Wednesday, December 29, 2010, 11:17

Don’t Use PayPal For A Merchant Account!

They don’t protect sellers at all! In fact, they told me on the phone that because I paid for the Website Payment Pro, I am NOT eligible for seller protection, but if I had used their FREE service (paypal standard) I would have had seller protection!

I have 2 chargebacks against me from the same buyer…obviously fraud yet they ruled against me!! I had tracking information delivery confirmation and screenshots of the buyer’s IP address! Apparently this is not enough, and I am liable for $2K and loss of the products!! Even when requesting chargeback documentation from Paypal, I was told I am not allowed to obtain any of the information. So how do I know the chargeback is even legitimate and not Paypal making this up???

Submitted By:: SY

Location: NJ, USA


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