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: Monday, May 2, 2011, 9:22

I dont want your credit or debit card PayPal!

I personally hate credit cards and debit cards and I choose not to get one. Surely, I don’t have plans to get one in the future and go through a lot of processes just to get my PayPal account limit removed. I will only use an ATM.

Paypal doesn’t have the right to limit my access to the money that I have rightfully earned. I have worked for that money, and it is mine to do whatever I want with it!

Paypal is a scam! They are forcefully pushing you to do what you don’t want to do just so you can have access to what is rightfully yours in the first place, because I have already worked for it.

The only mistake I made is that I used this PayPal scam.

Submitted By:: Kyle Fermindoza

Location: Philippines

One thought on “I dont want your credit or debit card PayPal!
  1. Margaret Guidry on

    My Paypal Debit Card was stolen and Paypal is trying to force me to pay the balance the thieves racked up. Thank God my Bank cancelled the Paypal transfers, because paypal seems to be working for or with the thieves in their refusal to handle this matter in accordance with Paypals debit card fraud protection policies.

    Paypal is not worth the trouble they cause!

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