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: Thursday, March 15, 2012, 14:13

Doesn’t send to Delivery address defaults to billing address

On a recent Pet Pharmaceutical order, I enterd a delivery address different from the billing address, clicked to pay with Pay Pal – went through their Billing / delivery address process, paid for 2nd day air ( which was 2x’s the cost of the product) so my sick pet would have the medication in a timely manner. The PayPal system defaulted the delivery address back to my billing address which is another state, so now I have to find someone reship it at additional time, effort and expense. Meanwhile my pet and I are waiting for releif from the symptoms she’s having. My Local vet doesn’t carry the product and in fact directed me to the online source so there no way to get it locally, either. I did call the manufacturer/supplier about the issue. They are going to credit me for the shipping charges, but they said this is a very frequent problem for them since they started PayPal recently due to customer requests for the service . I will NEVER use their system again!

Submitted By:: C. Werner

Location-: Wilton Manners


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