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: Wednesday, January 25, 2012, 13:24

Dodgy buyer’s claim upheld

Needed to raise cash so sold some cherished toys on ebay. I had a bidding war on one lot and sold it for around £300. I should have known the buyer was dodgy when I get this message – ‘Hi my partner asked me to bid on this and luckily we won, he is away at the moment and will be back at the weekend he will pay for this then, thanks in advance.’ But I decide give them benefit of the doubt. Then the buyer asks if I’ve sent it, I say I will when I receive payment. More waffle – ‘Hi sorry I could of sworn I paid for this lot a week or so ago, Ive phoned paypal and they cant find the transaction any where they reckon I may not of finalised it or something, I will resend payment this weekend, im at work until midnight now and cant access paypal with work computers, so sorry about this.’ So eventually after about two weeks of waiting for payment (I should have relisted) I get it HOWEVER, I failed to list the item with postage tracking, and only realised that I should have done after sending the item (luckily I paid £5 for insurance – but tracking would only have cost £2!).

The next I hear is an email from paypal saying a dispute has been raised to a claim and that if I fail to provide tracking info they would reverse payment. Looking at the details the buyer gave me ONE DAY to respond to the claim (I was away and unable to do so), WITHIN the time the Royal Mail allow for delivery of standard parcels. So I contact the buyer directly with this info and get a bunch of lies about waiting for ages, then I send paypal my proof of postage, and complained about the buyers clear dodgy tactics.
Because I failed to get tracking they upheld the claim so this pretty clever buyer gets his goods for free. Not liking this I make a formal complaint to paypal who do uphold their previous ruling on the matter, then I involve the Financial Ombudsman arguing that paypal should have made the need for tracking more obvious, even mandatory on items listed over a certain value (what is to stop anyone doing this if they win an item without tracking – I assumed (and I’m sure it used to be the case) that it was the buyer’s risk and their option to pay for tracking and insurance) and after their investigation the decision is still upheld – apparently from their offices in Luxembourg paypal can do whatever they like.
I was lucky and claimed the cost back from the Royal Mail as an item lost in the post, however I have no doubt that the buyer received his items, so he ended up ripping off the Mail which we all pay for with our taxes. This guy got away with fraud, and he kept my favourite toys. Paypal totally unreasonable. Arg!

Submitted By:: Ben

Location-: UK


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