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: Friday, April 27, 2012, 10:16

Dispute with seller in PayPal

Alright, I have never vented on here, but I think all those individuals who use Paypal should beware!!!! 3 months ago, Jim and I purchased software off of eBay. Shortly after we won the item and I paid for it. It wasn’t 30 seconds later and they sent us a message saying this seller was taken off eBay for fraud! They let my money go to that seller though! We filed a dispute, of course, and have been fighting with them since! Not only are we out of our $85, but now the crappy coin too that the seller sent to us for replacement of the software (coin worth $15). PayPal said to send it back, and we would get our refund… ya like that didn’t happen. Last night Jim called PayPal, and they can’t refund our money, because they have to protect the seller! The tracking info that we sent to PayPal isn’t showing delivery, so they can’t refund us. Therefore the dispute was closed! So now we’re down our money, the crappy coin this seller sent us, and the shipping fees to send the coin back to the seller. To top it all off PayPal was stupid enough to send Jim and I a survey to fill out on how they did their job with the dispute! REALLY????? In my book PayPal SUCKS!!!! NEVER AGAIN will I purchase using PayPal!!!!

Submitted By:: Tara and Jim

Location-: Sarasota, Florida

4 thoughts on “Dispute with seller in PayPal
  1. mami on

    such a classic Paypal scam. The seller sends you some crap or an empty box and you end up paying and getting nothing. You would have thought being that eBay know the seller was a scammer they would refund you the money but that logical decision does not make sense to ebay pr paypal.

  2. littlelady_7 on

    doesn’t surprise me..another payapl scam. You probably will never see that money again. My suggestion would be if you ever purchase form Ebay again do NOT purchase from someone using paypal. They screw both sellers and buyers!

  3. Conner Richardson on

    Pay pal usual sides with a buyer and its odd they are giving you a hard time. NOW BE A SELLER and see how they treat you. Sorry for your loss but if you haven’t realized yet pay pal leaves tons of people irate and can never provide a solution.

  4. Neon1125 on

    Paypal has become a breeding ground for shady characters. I was selling an item on craigslist and got 4 phonecalls about paying with a paypal account and shipping the item overseas. NO THANK YOU!

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