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admin : Tuesday, February 4, 2014, 12:52

Digital goods issue

This is my story with paypal.

I have been a paypal user for the last 6 years and i have an excellent standing account and have send/received thousands of euros in total.

3 months ago i decided to buy some digital coins from ebay and i paid them with paypal and everything ran smoothly…the seller got his money and i got my digital coins (infinitecoins)

1 month ago i decided to sell some digital coins on ebay. After selling and receiving the money in my paypal account i did send the digital coins to the buyer.

Paypal decided to hold my funds as i was selling a digital coin (maybe because paypal does not want digital coins to grow in general).

A dispute was opened and the buyer claimed that he had not received them.

I did send them and i had a print screen from my account.

The major problem here is that no one can prove that i have send the money neither that i did not…even though i can reassure everyone that are reading this that i have. I will not mess around for 300 USD in no case.

So why did paypal let me buy/pay for digital coins but restricted me from selling/getting paid?

I contacted them through email and phone but it is like i am talking to a robot that it is programmed to say “I know Sir, but this is our policy”

Well i find it outrageous and unprofessional to say the least…so is there a way to go against paypal for their unfair treatment.

PS. Also i would like to add that they should check a users background and see his history…why would they disappoint me and might lose so many transactions that i do and get a bad reputation for a few bucks…since i have 100% right?

Thanks for giving me the chance to speak.


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