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admin : Wednesday, December 18, 2013, 11:12

Difficulty in changing my old e-mail address

First of all, I’m not a merchant w/a money problem story.  I was trying to purchase a man’s raincoat from a merchant near London, England who required I pay through PayPal.  Fine, I do have an account w/PayPal.  However, the English company wanted payment through PayPal and sent me, after I complained I couldn’t enter PayPal’s website through my new e-mail (don’t know if this is the problem or not) address.  I tried several times, w/no success, when I hit the “Pay now” button.  So I logged into my PayPal account and COULD NOT change my e-mail, which they call my PRIMARY.  In an account holder’s personal info, they list in the right colunm either “Update” or “Change” which are basically the same thing.  I still can’t change the old e-mail address because of how it’s set up.  When I contacted PayPal, all I get back are their stupid instructions to do this; it can’t be, at least not by me.  Do you have solutions to getting an e-mail address CHANGED, without going through PayPal’s maze of instructions that don’t work?


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