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: Thursday, November 17, 2011, 11:08

Didn’t get what I paid for

I purchased an item from an seller. The item arrived and was a copy, fraudulent reproduction and misrepresented by the seller. I escalated a claim Paypal requested I send the item back to the seller. I sent it as cheaply as possible with USPS and with only the Customs Form Number as reference per. the recommendation of the USPS Employee/Clerk. The item reached the LA Air Port Customs and was scanned. It was NEVER scanned again, as once it leaves the US it is no longer tracked! The fraudulent seller claims he never received the item, therefore, closed my claim within the first month of it being open and determined that the seller will be awarded my money! $195.45! He even gets to keep the item! does in deed SUCK! They require the item be shipped and I have proof of this with a receipt, however, they never stressed the importance of insurance and or tracking! I was misinformed by the USPS employee that the Customs Claim Form Number would be able to be used as such. I have filed with the BBB, Federal Trade Commission, and even with the UK police department for that particular division. One recommendation… NEVER file a complaint with if you purchased something on! Always use to file the complaint! After you file with you never get the chance to file with! An rep. gave me this little bit of info. Thanks ebay!

Submitted By:: Scott W

Location-: AZ


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