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: Thursday, April 28, 2011, 10:03

Counterfeit Gibson Guitar – Buyer out $500

I ordered and paid for an “Orville” 1996 Goldtop Guitar that was advertised on a site called TradeTang. The seller instead shipped me a counterfeit, trademark protected Gibson Les Paul Guitar.

After filing complaints with TradeTang and getting nowhere, I filed a dispute with PayPal, then escalated it to a claim. I sent them detailed information and sent them a third party evaluation of the counterfeit guitar, twice. PayPal closed my case stating that they did not receive my documentation in a timely manner which was a lie.

In short, I did not receive what I paid for, and although I sent proof of the counterfeit guitar PayPal sided with the thief in China. These people are pathetic.

I will never do business with PayPal or Ebay again.

Submitted By:: MH

Location: Houston, TX

3 thoughts on “Counterfeit Gibson Guitar – Buyer out $500
  1. Fairfax Mom on

    This worked for me… I refused to send back the counterfeit product. PayPal wanted a letter from an ‘authenticator’. Really for an xbox 360 game. ‘Who at Walmart does this?’ I asked. I told PayPal I was giving them 5 days to refund my money or I’d file with small claims court for damages, court expenses and lost wages. I must have sounded like I had a great salary as the woman on the phone gave me the refund immediately.

  2. admin on

    @ Fairfax Mom-

    Thank you for sharing your experience. After reading your comment, I realized that it only makes sense not to return a counterfeit item to the seller until after you have received a refund (or any questionable item for that matter).

    Even if PayPal says that the item must be returned before they will issue a refund, I would have to advise against it. PayPal may never issue the credit, then what do you have for proof if you have already returned the item?

    PayPal will tell you that proof of shipment should be enough, but a tracking number doesn’t prove anything was counterfeit, it only proves that you sent the item back. And from the experiences I have read here, proof of shipment means very little to PayPal anyway.

  3. goncalo tomaz on

    hi, last December I made 2 orders through to China ( 2 things 500usd total amount).

    Payed with Paypal, and until now, i didn´t get my orders and probably lost my money! The problem is that i have no defense, because Paypal doesn´t refund the money by saying that it’s all by my own risk- if I would have paid using my credit card, for sure i would have had a refund already.

    Bottom line is; Why paypal doesn´t protect us?

    Do you have any clue on what i should do?- I am from Lisbon Portugal

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