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: Tuesday, March 5, 2013, 13:59

continuous on hold and theft

i received an email from paypal for scheduling a payment for $354.13 that will be processed on 3-1-13.i never did that.on 2-28-13 i notified that i want to put a restriction on my account.but when i opened my mail it said thank you,i called paypal and waited and waited for over an hour to speak with someone.i told them that i didn’t authorize any such payment and my account was 0 balance.i told them to send the money back to my account through electronic transfer the same way they received it.they said they no knowledge of my bank account number so they had to process it and then mail me back a check.i looked into my profile and there it it my banks name and the last 4 digits of my they lied of in my profile i tried to delete my bank account but it said it can’t be done now because this $354.13 was being processed.then i called back at 10:00 and tried to reach someone.all i got was automation,automation.a person answers”let me transfer you to an account specialist.back to the same automated this about your master card,is this the number we have on you have the code.what is your question.i stayed on the phone until 11:45 and still no answer.they stole this money from me and are going to keep it for i don’t know how many days then send me what they want.pure theft and deceit

Submitted By:: Grant

Location-: Longview


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