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admin : Monday, December 14, 2009, 13:15

PayPal’s Complicated Account Balance Tracking

For about six months I’ve been paying for items online by using PayPal “credit” cards. These are actually debit cards, but are accepted by many sites that don’t accept straight PayPal payments.

However, there is a way of indicating either a single-payment card or a multi-payment card (good for one year). I used the multi-payment option ONLY for sites that I was allowing to debit my account on a monthly basis–and these amounted to only two or three. But I noticed that my bank account was being depleted rapidly by many, many PayPal debits–more than I could recall making. When I tried to check on this, I found the PayPal site listings extremely complicated and almost impossible to trace.

Knowing their customer service to be terrible, I haven’t bothered to contact them about this latest infraction…but I do intend to pursue every other avenue of complaint and, if justified, prosecution.

Submitted by MHM

One thought on “PayPal’s Complicated Account Balance Tracking
  1. glenroy marryshow on

    sick and tired of trying to get into my account

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