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: Wednesday, September 26, 2012, 12:56

Completely misled and now at a loss

Ebay’s cust serv told me to turn down a small offer from a Seller who sent an Item that was Counterfeit–they then coached me immediately & told me to open a case–promised I would get the amount I asked for in a refund. Ebay then sided with the Seller, keeping me even from getting the small amount I was offered. I would never have opened a case had I not been told to and promised the refund. Yes, I am too trusting & feel Ebay condones FAKE (as cust serv stated) Items. I have 100% Positive FB & trusted the Seller who described Item as Authentic, as well as mentioning the name of the “Real Item” 12 times in desc/title. I am appalled at Ebay’s unethical business practices. Now, I don’t know whether to pursue thru PayPal or not, as I am so stressed the “cost” of dealing with this matter is mounting & I am sure Ebay likes it that way–then people give up. Not only did the Seller take advantage of me–but so did Ebay!

Submitted By:: Johanna Weinman

Location-: Little Rock, Arkansas


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