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: Wednesday, January 4, 2012, 12:05

ChargeBack Scam

I sold in iPad on ebay, shipped it with tracking number to the address that the buyer gave me. Received a positive evaluation on eBay then 2 months later I got a chargeback for ‘unauthorized use’ of the card. Which is ridiculous because I have clear correspondance with the seller asking to have the item shipped asap then saying how happy he was. I made some search about this seller and realized he bought another iPad the same day he left me a positive evaluation. I contacted the seller of this iPad to warn him and we clearly under-covered a huge scam this person was doing. But still nobody cares, eBay won’t even close the account of the scammer !

now PayPal have long taken money from my account and froze it, they say they are trying to contest the chargeback claim.

here’s a copy of the email I sent to them with proof of the scam:

“Dear Tom,

I just spoke with Dick in customer service about the above referenced claim. I am clearly the victim of a blatant chargeback scam. I sold my iPad for $700 to Wayne Steinburg on eBay (user name wvansteinburg60). Mr. Steinburg’s email address is on 10/2/11. I received one email from Mr. Steinburg (see full correspondence below as scam_01.jpg and scam_02.jpg) from and one eBay message from Mr. Steinburg as wvansteinburg60 (below as scam_03.jpg). I received payment on 10/2/11 and sent the iPad, which was delivered to the address specified by Mr. Steinburg at 4610 Elk Springs Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89103 (stated in wvansteinburg60′s below scam_04.jpg) on 10/10/11 (scam_03.jpg).

On 10/21/11 wvansteinburg60 left positive feedback on my eBay account (see scam_05.jpg) stating, “Thank you for a great deal! A+ seller!” On that same day, 10/21 wvansteinburg60 bought another iPad (scam_06.jpg). Mr. Steinburg only has two evaluations, one from me and one from the other person he bought the iPad from.

Now Mr. Steinburg, using the same email address ( and the same eBay account name (wvansteinburg60) he used to correspond DIRECTLY with me, claims to have not authorized payment. How is this possible after I corresponded with him numerous times on email and eBay, he left positive feedback on the transaction he’s disputing, and he bought the exact same iPad 19 days after buying mine?

However, the most clear indications that this is a chargeback scam are as follows

1. Mr. Steinburg did NOT open a case against me on eBay.
2. Instead he waited over 60 days to file a complaint with his bank to dispute the charges with PayPal on his behalf
3. He could not have made a complaint with eBay because he left positive feedback on the same transaction he’s disputing
4. He’s taking advantage of PayPal’s buyer protection. (After searching “paypal chargeback scam” on Google I have found thousands of similar cases that fit this exact same disturbing pattern.)

I have 95 feedbacks on eBay with a 100% rating. I deserve seller protection. I just opened as Etsy store using PayPal as my method of payment. I will not begin selling until this issue is resolved as I cannot afford to have PayPal seize my funds as a result of this scam.

I sold my iPad because I needed money. I do not have such a large sum of money for myself let alone $700 to pay off a clearly blatant chargeback scam. And not to mention my iPad is gone.

Tom, I am the victim here and cannot fight this scammer alone. Please help me and the other potential victims of Mr. Steiburg’s scam.

Feel free to contact me ASAP by email or phone (646-575-1926) as this is highly distressing to me.

Best regards,”


Building upon my original email below, I just corresponded with the other eBay user (J.) who sold Mr. Steinburg an iPad. As you will see in the attached screen capture (scam_07.jpg), Mr. Steinburg wrote the exact same email to J. that he sent to me. Obviously this is clearly a scam.

I understand that I didn’t initially receive “Seller Protection” because the package I sent was not signed for. However, J. had his packaged signed for and he was ALSO scammed. Obviously the signing for of a package had nothing to do with this scam. Both iPads were delivered and given positive feedback on eBay. The perpetrator of this scam is using people to sign for his packages which would make signing for them irrelevant.

Both J. and I are the victims of a clear chargeback scam and all of us should be protected from this scammer. I ask that you please rectify this situation as soon as possible not just for myself and J. but for other potential victims of this scammer.

Thank you again for your help.

Best regards,”

Submitted By:: A.Govy

Location-: Philadelphia


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