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: Wednesday, January 23, 2013, 13:05

change of credit card number

I have spent over an hour trying to get into PayPal to edit my credit card information (specifically, the number on the credit card was changed because of a fraudulent charge) and a new card and number has been issued. I followed the instructions:
1. Go to “my eBay.”
2. Place pointer over “Account” tab and then click “Personal Information” and then click “Edit.” However, I was put into a donation and the only editing I could do was there. There was nothing in there to help me to change my credit card information as the directive had instructed. If I changed anything in my credit card information, it became an automatic donation to some well meaning cause of which I know nothing. I do not wish to donate to any causes at this time; I only want to update my credit card information so that I can make transactions with sellers.
At this time I am extremely frustrated as I have put in an order and it probably will not go through as the numbers in the old credit card will be used and that number is not accepting any new charges.

Submitted By:: Roselynn Jones

Location-: Sacramento

One thought on “change of credit card number
  1. William Pulliam on

    I am suddenly having trouble making a purchase and I can’t get into my account.

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