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: Wednesday, December 19, 2012, 13:01

Case was open and then closed within 9 minutes

Right I recently posted my FUT ( Fifa ultimate team) on ebay at a start price of £550, then get a message of another ebay user to buy it for 500, so I accepted the deal and I gave him my paypal email to pay me the £500, need less to say it went in and I transferred it over to my Bank. I then went on the xbox to which we traded the Fifa Team, ( I recorded this whole trade for my protection). Then he asks if I have any FUT coins and players to buy which I did so we made a deal for them at £35 which again he paid and then I transferred into my bank. All went smooth so off to bed I went

I wake up the next day to find that PAYPAL had 2 disputes against me for “transaction was made without the account holder’s knowledge or consent ” and had reversed the money £535 back to him, not to mention I had 6 email off them saying the case was open and then closed within 9 minutes ? ( what happened to 7 days for a response ) which 2 of the email said I had responded when I never had ?

So basically I have a folder of the video for proof of trading the virtual item and him confirming he has it, the email and messages between us on ebay and the xbox , and paypal wont look at any of this….

So can anyone with a sense of justice help me out because , I work my bum off for my money and am not losing £535 and my Fifa team to this scammer

Submitted By:: Fifa

Location-: UK

One thought on “Case was open and then closed within 9 minutes
  1. John on

    Sold an item on ebay with paypal, shipped it signature required and delivery confirmation. Buyes claims he does not get item. I am showing it delivered and signed for. He opened dispute. I gather up proof and go to sent to paypal but they have all ready closed the case less then 2 hours after it was opened and they closed it in the buyers favor. I have tried to appeal but nothing!

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