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: Monday, March 19, 2012, 14:30

Can’t use it anymore without a credit card linked to the account

When I signed on back in 07′ everything went great. Now these a$$es want me to “link” a credit card to this account?!?!?!?! What The hell? This is EXACTLY THE REASON I signed up for paypal, to keep my credit card numbers offline! Not too many vendors even accept paypal anymore because of their delayed payouts. (guess they’re scamming for interest money?) Anyway how can I get my info expunged from their files because I am terminating this service immediately post typing. Guess I have to through the rigamarole to terminate this SCAM service and notify my bank to sever the link to paypal.

Submitted By:: Andre Allan

Location-: Perth Amboy, NJ

One thought on “Can’t use it anymore without a credit card linked to the account
  1. Tais on

    Never had any problems with Paypal pnsroeally. You should feel much more confident using Paypal than giving your information to some stranger which is who you’d be buying from. Paypal offers insurance, and any fraudulent activity on your Paypal account is covered by Paypal and their largest shop ebay. While it is possible that sometimes fraud and other unfortunate circumstances arise, you are probably better off with Paypal than without it.

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