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admin : Friday, October 29, 2010, 13:31

Can’t Login To My PayPal Account

I had to set up a paypal account for my business. I have tried several times for over a week now to get logged in to my PayPal account but I have been unsuccessful.

I have also tried several times a day to contact PayPal customer service by both email and phone. My email’s have gone unanswered, and when I try to reach them my phone I just get the same automated system which only gives me the same suggestions that do not work!

I rely on the money from my business to support my family, which I can’t do because I can’t access my paypal account to get my money!

Submitted By David Cregeen From Beckley, West Virginia USA

39 thoughts on “Can’t Login To My PayPal Account
  1. Warner Morgan on

    I’m an individual, not a busineess, and can’t get into my account either. Have tried several times including opening a new account, all to no avail.

  2. Anne Flathe on

    I have tried many times to log in to my PayPal account. I don’t have unlimited time to keep trying. This is getting very frustrating. I need to get into my account but I continue getting the same messages over and over. What is the answer? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    For several days I have been trying………

  3. E Mitchell on

    same problem for months now.
    each request for help, be it email or phone, asks me for a pin that I cannot change because I cant login to know what the pin is. around and around in a circle. I get what are clearly “cut and paste” response from the helpdesk.

  4. malinka on

    please help me, I’m very confused I do not know how to find four digital paypal code

    when signing PayPal received the message on my email and it says this:

    Confirm your card

    Dear LINA

    You linked your debit or credit card to your PayPal account on May 15, 2012. To make sure the card is yours, we made a small charge to it that you’ll need to confirm (and we’ll refund the money to your PayPal account when you’re done).

    The charge creates a unique 4-digit code on the summary of financial activity provided by your card issuer. If you don’t see the charge right away, don’t worry – sometimes it takes a few days to show up. If you can’t check your summary online, check the paper summary from your card issuer when it comes in the mail (this can take up to 30 days). You will find the charge from PayPal with a 4-digit code.
    why is it?

    I tried several times but without success.
    and now I’m not allowed to PayPal to signin, I constantly write this:
    Bad Request
    Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
    Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.

    Cookie: Apache=; TS6a0e62=590b1a33941fb86ccdef8dd442111482035b1d56b4e5426c4fb34b36a0e245892306acf92e4a1867d207db3a634137d16081497ffaa6df638da

  5. Jim Willis on

    I ordered something on line from a company in China. While placing my order I got a popup stating I had a Paypal account and asked if I wanted to expidite the transaction by using it. I declined and provided my cc info. When I received my cc statement it said it was paid through paypal. ??? Now I returned the product and the company offered me a refund. I have been waiting to see the credit on my cc statement and it never appeared. I contacted the company and they claim they provided the refund and received a message back that it was refused. Now I am chasing my tail trying to communicate with a human at Paypal and that ain’t happening. I’m tired of pushing 1 for English!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Joyce Jones on

    cant log in to my account

  7. Henry Murillo on

    On Dec11 2013 I opened a paypal account and am still waiting for my confirmation e-mail which has not showed up so far. I notified paypal but got no response.

  8. Pat Parks on

    Why am I charged another amount, when the order was paid for. I don’t think I’ll pay that amount. Pleases deducted that amount.

  9. veronica mitchell on

    trying to get in touch with my paypal account

  10. Rosemary White on

    Need help with my account

  11. Rosemary White on

    Can’t log in my account for help

  12. Patricia A. Gill on

    I keep getting a message that a subscription cannot be paid because of my MC on file with …..The card is up-to-date. I have not been able to find the correct site to contact pay pal about this.

  13. Paul Page on

    I can’t log in to my PayPal account. It goes to a page that says One Moment… and has a gray circle with a blue portion running around clockwise. It just sticks there and never allows me to log in.

  14. kay sanders on

    Do Not know how to find somebody to talk to I have an account that has charged me 2 x americandis 402 935 7733 $32.90

  15. john arnette on

    TRYING TO LOOK UP MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT, I BOUGHT A ELVIS GOSPEL CD ABOUT 2 WEEKS AGO, WANT TO KNOW WHEN SELLER IS GOING TO SEND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. art snell on

    tried to pay my account on line using an address that has worked for some years. Couldn’t get on (8 times). They have no record of my acct #, name or email address but continue to bill me. The bank holding the acct has changed. The acct is now in collection(the collection company has changed twice). This has been going on for almost a year.

  17. steve manhood on


  18. dennis plumb on

    l can not longin to my paypal account

  19. dennis plumb on

    cant login into my account

  20. carlo sametini on

    I just was approved from ya’ll fr credit card 10$ return, any how i got burned again from the damn asian people. did nor receive what was promised!!! I would like for ya’ll to cancell my recent payment to them fr 15.89$. now!! it was a total rip off and i told them so. they stated some bull crap which they (PC0 had total control of . SCAM ARTIST- i refuse to pay them so please DO NOT CHARGE MY AMERICAN EXPRESS. SoPLEASE DO NOT PAY THEM CANCEL MY PAY MENT !! THANK YOU VERY MUCH they are a rip offff.

  21. donald plavac on

    can t login to my account

  22. ruth wade on

    cant go to enter my acct says password is wrong . don’t know what to do now please help.

  23. Llynne Matthews on

    I have never used my Paypal account and cannot remember my password, followed instructions and now my answers to the security questions are incorrect.

  24. joseph richardson on

    I trust paypal

  25. Jozef Illes on

    can’t open paypal account.needs help!!

  26. Silvio Mambi on

    I have tried over and over again to reach PayPall by e-mail to make an complaint about an incorrect charge on my credit card for USD 30.99. Every time i received an automated answer that Paypall could not help me! I think the only thing I can do is to block my credit card at the bank for further charges.

  27. kenneth h. wiggins on

    Can’t access my account. Will not take my password. Tells me my password has been changed. Please tell me what password to use to access this account. Thanks.

  28. Cindy Garner on

    Can’t log into my account

  29. lisa on


  30. Pascal de Bros on

    cannot log-in there is mentioned “Verbindung ist nicht Privat” What does this mean ? ??

  31. Margaret G Regan on

    Thre are fraudulent entries on my account and I can not find a phone number to call.
    Please help me

  32. joseph schissler on

    can’t login to my pay pal account

  33. Basil Woolf on

    I cant log in to my account, you are holding my money

  34. Wayne Otte on

    Can’t get onto my PayPal through my email. It will ket me charge against my account but I can’t get into it to cancel my debit account.

  35. Mario Manzini on

    I have been on Paypal for years for my business and shows. I recently added $ 100 to my account and it was verified. Now I tried for over 2 hours to get into my account and it keeps saying that my e-mail address is not registred. That is not true. I tried changing my pass word and it keeps saying that there is no such e-mail address listed with that account. This is not right. How can I ever trust doing business with paypal again and how can I log into my account to withdraw funds?

  36. ann bolyard on

    I use the right info and can’t get into pay pal account

  37. Connie Regehr on

    I recieved an e,mail stating that i changed my password when i did not changed it and could getinto my account to fix the prolbem and update my phone sinced i moved

  38. rose hayden on

    I cant access my pay pal account

  39. Arthur Gomes on

    No information on item paid fore

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