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: Thursday, August 22, 2013, 14:45

Can’t get service

Hi All,

I am extremely disgusted with their service, I collect over $200,000 thru PP per year, and I can not get help by email or phone!?
Firstly I emailed them multiple times until one reply said “sorry about that I have removed the bank account from the original so go ahead and add it to the other account”.


So I called 02 8223 9500 FOUR times, first I got Ivy and was cut off after 5min, with Jan TWICE , but cut off after 7min and 10min, then got Dianne who almost got something done, but I was cut off again.

Initially I gave Jan my number and begged her to call back if we got cut off, but she could/would not.

I have two Paypal accounts, one had my verified US bank account connected to it but I now I want to use it for the other account . So I deleted it from the first and tried to add it to the other. No go.
I have tried 5 times and always get “You can not add a bank account at this time”. Finally they said they could not sort it out by email and to call them.
I have recently moved to Phuket and what a NIGHTMARE. I called 5 times, I would get 1/3 done explaining my issue and then get cut off. The last girl I spoke to was unable to find my account with either the phone number or email address!!??
It is such a simple job I am amazed at their incompetence. Soon I have to go thru changing countries, from experience I know they will not simply let me change address and supply ID etc. Ohhhh no, I will have to close one account and open a totally new one with all the lost time/money that entails. After the above, I am too scared to even try to change it at this point ; (

Submitted By:: KA

Location-: Phuket


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