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: Monday, June 17, 2013, 13:20

Can’t close paypal account after I’ve been scammed

I got hit 3 times in the past year from con artists on ebay. I was selling some cell phones, all as-is condition. Two out of the three times, the con artist filed a complaint with ebay that I was selling stolen phones. I had logged the esn on both. The jerk returned an entirely diffrent phone the first time. The second asshole physically broke the phone, then took the motherboard out of it and kept it. Both times paypal sided with them and I lost 300 bucks. Now, they partially froze my account and wanted me to re-verify it by sending them something with my ssn number on it. I had been verified years ago with my bank account, why now do they want my ssn number. I told them no and now I can’t even close the god damn paypal account!

I would love nothing more than to get even with the two!

Submitted By:: Brian Whol

Location-: Lindenburg


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