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admin : Sunday, May 30, 2010, 15:24

Problem Changing Credit Card Details On PayPal’s Website

When I was emailed from PayPal to say my English visa card was about to expire, I logged on to put in the details of the replacement card. I was surprised to find that my card did not match the billing address. That is because I now live in France and my french address was in my previous details (not a problem before).

The billing address for that card is in England. Not a problem, I thought. Just change the address to the English one, except that I found it impossible to change the country. It kept coming up with the English address but with France at the end. Ridiculous! I solved the problem in the end by reverting to my french address and changing the card to my french card- not ideal but no choice. And I was charged 1.5 euros for this inconvenience!

Submitted By LKvH


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