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: Tuesday, March 1, 2011, 14:03

Cannot Remove Credit Cards Or Close Limited PayPal Account

I have had a similar experience to others with Paypal, and am unable to access my money despite sending numerous files to re-verify who I am (including drivers licence, passport, tax file number- etc etc.)

This was the first sale I made using ebay, and I thought since I had used Paypal to send money before it would not be an issue. HOW WRONG I WAS! Once they had my money, suddenly things changed and my account was limited.

I was assured these documents I forwarded to re-verify were sent on, but who can say as they have been less than easy to contact. After numerous emails too and fro and unanswered phone calls with hold music of 30+ minutes, I am losing interest on my money while they hold it day after day.

Any chance of a group lawsuit for time wasted, stress and inconvenience?

A very disappointed customer in Australia .

Submitted By:: MM

Location: Adelaide Australia

3 thoughts on “Cannot Remove Credit Cards Or Close Limited PayPal Account
  1. tk on

    I am having the same problem. I have had my account for many years now but I have never used it. So recently I tried to cancel the account. For some reason, right after I tried to cancel it, it came up limited. Then they made me enter all kinds of confidential information, new credit card, address, I even got an automated verification phone call. I finished all of their verifications and it is still limited!!! All I wanted to do was cancel my account. WTF. There is no balance, NOTHING. Repeat, I have never even used it. What gives? This if awful. I would not think this was even legal.

  2. amina cataline on

    i told them i do not want a credit
    now they say i have to pay 89$ i told them to close credit limites
    i have been payin with my gift card.

  3. Dana Nutter on

    I’ve been trying for weeks to delete a now empty and soon to be closed bank account and an old credit card that’s been cancelled. Both tell me there are pending transactions (there aren’t!). I get a similiar message when I give up and try to close out Paypal completely. This is a serious flaw in Paypal’s system that could easily compromise security. PP’s support drones are completely useless. I’ve opened a BBB complaint which hopefullly will get past them to someone with at least basic cognitive abilities but between the hassle and security concerns, I’d say there’s good cause for a class action.

    Furthermore, their website has turned to absolute crap as far as the UI is concerned.

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