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: Monday, August 8, 2011, 16:21

PayPal causes cancer patient and child to face eviction

A close friend deposited $1000 in a FundRazr account I have set up on facebook for another close friend who is fighting cancer and going through chemo. He wanted to pay her rent for August since she is struggling immensely.

Once I noticed the deposit I told him that it typically takes days for the funds to become available to withdraw so we decided immediately the best thing to do was to cancel the transaction and have him send cash.

We did that, and PayPal not only did not immediately refund his money but they TOOK an additional $1000 out of MY personal bank account. The $2000 is still with PayPal and has not been released back to either of us. No one will pick up my call (keep being transferred to various automated questioners and never allowed to speak with a representative) and their email responses are vague and do not address the actual issue at hand which is that they are holding $2000, $1000 of which was 100% unauthorized.

As a result, it is now August 8 (eight days after her rent is due) and she is vomiting in her hospital bed and fearing for her living situation.

I couldn’t be more livid.

Submitted By:: RA

Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA


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