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: Tuesday, January 24, 2012, 13:06

Bye bye paypal

I have been using Paypal’s website payment standard to accept payment for my products online. All was well, except I didn’t like customers being forwarded to paypal’s site to do final payment, I wanted the whole checkout streamlined on my site. I applied for Website Payments Pro, was approved with a 90 day hold an 30% of all profits I make! So if I made $1000 one day, they hold $300 for 3 months without interest to me!

I called to ask them if there’s a way to lower that, as they’re only hurting my business and in turn causing me to go bankrupt this way, as 30% of my profit is my operating cost, they very strictly replied, there’s nothing we can do. So I cancelled the Pro plan and went back to standard. Now I am looking into getting through merchantinc

Submitted By:: Jean

Location-: Baton Rouge, LA


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