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: Monday, May 21, 2012, 15:56

BUYER Rip-off, not Buyer protection with Paypal!!!

Made a couple of purchases on Ebay, totaling $137.00 US, and didn’t notice until a week later, that I was overdrawn on my checking account, (which I owned for 35 years), and wasn’t worried because I have overdraft, however, since my bank didn’t call me about some strange transactions, I called them to find out that Paypal had paid the invoices, and was continuing to process charges on my card, and the total had gone from $137.00 to $1,070! Now my bank wants their charges, which they added $29 PER transaction for the 11 transactions, and Paypal thinks they’re getting their money too. I’m hiring a lawyer to sue Paypal for extorting money from my now closed account! I never authorized them to keep going into my account and getting money and my bank closed the account because the charges were still going up!.And even though I had “Ebay Bucks” they wouldn’t let me use them towards my purchases because of the issues with my account that THEY caused. Thank you so much Paypal, we need more “Money Terrorists” like you in the world! I’ll never use Paypal or Ebay again!

Submitted By:: A very angry X-customer

Location-: Canada

One thought on “BUYER Rip-off, not Buyer protection with Paypal!!!
  1. Mary D on

    This is something paypal does to everyone. they are thieves! stealing from everyone they come across!They offer no buyer or seller protections. they only protect themselves.

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