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admin : Wednesday, November 11, 2015, 14:23

Buyer gets refund without ever returning the item

I sold an i phone 4s on Ebay March of 2015 to an international buyer and he knew the description of the phone and it had a cracked screen. He purchased the phone for $53.00 and I paid the shipping of $15.06 to ship it to Sri Lanka.

The buyer filed a complaint with Ebay and wanted me to give him the passcode to the phone. He told Ebay the phone did not work and he wanted his money refunded. I told him to ship the phone back to me and I would refund the money. He then stated ” it was my responsibility to ship the phone (according to Ebay’s policy). Lo and behold Paypal refunded the buyer the full refund of $68.06 and the buyer never returned the phone. I was scammed out of $68.06 by Paypal and it is seven months and no phone returned. I asked Paypal to reverse the $68.06 back into my account and I was told they could not do that. I explained to them that the phone was never returned and they told me to contact Ebay. I called Ebay and they said Paypal was responsible. I went around and around with Ebay and Paypal until my I had a migraine headache.

In May the buyer contacted me again asking for the passcode although he had the phone and a full refund of $68.06. I am still waiting for a FULL REFUND.

2 thoughts on “Buyer gets refund without ever returning the item
  1. Ray Everett on

    If you now have a negative balance and Ebay are chasing you to pay it then ignore it and open a new account to keep trading. You’ll lose your feedback but all Ebay can do is keep emailing you or maybe transfer it to a debt collection firm who won’t bother you too much with such a small amount. It will go on for months but they’ll give up in the end.

  2. ruzaik on

    Can i get refund through my PayPal account.because some people saying “Sri Lankans can send money to any PayPal user, but Sri Lankans can’t receive money from anyone through PayPal so we can’t get refund from eBay or seller”.please solve this i search lot in Internet but didn’t find a solution.please help

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