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: Thursday, May 19, 2011, 9:54

No Buyer Protection With Smart Connect

I purchased some items from a seller and paid via PayPal Smart Connect. The items I purchased never arrived. After numerous complaints that I initiated, some of the items arrived.

The invoice in the box was incorrect, including the shipping and tax. During this time, PayPal’s Resolution Center stated that they reviewed the case in my favor and I was due a refund. No refund appeared in my account, however, and so I called the phone number on PayPal Smart Connect card.

After 12 minutes of agonizing prompts, I was finally connected to customer service (who turns out to be GE Money). The gentleman entered my complaint and he and I decided on a fair refund. So I paid my PayPal account less the items I received, since the account was due.

PayPal then e-mailed me that the seller’s e-check was denied and they would put it through again in 3 business days. The check was for the incorrect amount which indicated PayPal did not read GE Money’s notes on my account.

PayPal e-mailed me that the seller’s e-check was again denied, and that I should contact the seller and try and obtain a refund myself! If they had read any of the complaints I entered, the seller was already contacted- and why was it up to me to obtain a refund anyway?

GE Money stated that PayPal should have covered my losses per their “protection plan.” There is no way to reach PayPal Connection except thru GE Money. PayPal is giving GE Money a bad name and their protection plan is a hoax. I will not use PayPal Smart Connect Or PayPal again.

Submitted By:: JH

Location: Highland Park, IL


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