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: Friday, March 16, 2012, 13:50

Buyer protection plan was removed by eBay

Recently my eBay buyer protection plan was removed by eBay because they feel that I opened too many cases. However, the cases that I opened are legitimate cases where the brand name items that I bought was either fake or not as described. All the cases that I opened were resolved and I continue to maintain a 100% feedback from the sellers and buyer who purchased items from me. Two months ago, I bought something from eBay but never received the item because eBay removed the item that a bought the next day after I paid for the item. Because my buyer protection was removed, I wasn’t able to open a case. By the time that I was able to speak to a supervisor, it had passed the time that I was allowed to open a case. Ebay obviously received a commission for this sale, but they don’t want to help me to get my money back. I need some help to see if someone would help me to sue eBay.

Submitted By:: Steven Li

Location-: Fargo

2 thoughts on “Buyer protection plan was removed by eBay
  1. Kat on

    I don’t know if you’ll see this response, or whether you care anymore, but I’m in a similar situation and I’d just LOVE to collaborate with you.

  2. trillrell on

    Same thing happn to me buyer protection removed fromy account all my cases are legit buyer never ship nor contact my I have proof. Haw else will I get refund. Without opening case? Also befor the protection was removed from my account I hed purchases I was awaiting all mads it but one and there telling me it is not covered even if I made purchase 6 days before protection was remove ed from my account. Please contact me

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