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: Tuesday, February 14, 2012, 14:21

Buyer protection is a scam and can’t be trusted!

Frustration is an understatement. I have purchased from an eBay seller, hellorola, this guy is the first scam, although described as a “power seller” i.e means he makes quite a bit of money for himself, eBay and PayPal with their skim off his profits, he continues to provide poor quality items that are not as described, broken, used when described as new, dont arrive, such poor quality they can’t be used. or are falling apart. He continues in these practices despite numerous buyer complaints because eBay don’t address his failure to meet their ‘seller standards’, which are pretty much meaningless this is the second scam. PayPal, who pretend independence of eBay, but are basically their symbiotic twin also sustain his bad practices as he uses the loop hole in the much touted ‘buyer protection policy’, which I have discovered, is in fact is not buyer protection but an creatively interpretive process depending on who the seller is and how much they make for eBay or PayPal, this is the third scam. How it works is Hellora is described as a power seller, eBay allow him to continue his practices unchecked, as he is bringing them in good profits, buyers are lulled by the advertised paypal ‘buyer protection policy’ that eBay flag on the listing. Paypal is the only option when purchasing. Buyers believe they can purchase safely. Seller sends out the damaged or inferior quality goods, knowing his before he sends. Buyer is told he/she 1) has to send photo’s of problem, 2) has to return item and pay for postage. Here is the first loophole Seller uses and which both PayPal and eBay support, it costs more to post the item back than the refund for he item will be! First point of no win for the buyer. Buyer is forced to lodge dispute through Paypal because they had no choice but to use PayPal so can’t lodge dispute in eBay. Paypal then say you have to send item back at your cost and not our problem postage cost is more than the refund. Paypal also state poor quality, damage goods, items described as new when used, are in fact are not their interpretation of ‘not as described’ despite this being the categories you tick these this are apparently not covered by their buyer protection policy. Buyer now very unclear just how, if at all, buyer is protected. No win 2 for buyer and seller continues repeated practice as above as neither eBay or PayPal adopt polices that address this, too much money to be made b ripping buyers, and take n action to stop the practices despite information of this occurring repeatedly. WARNING STAY AWAY FROM PAYPAL and EBAY their guaranties and so called buyer protection is a scam and can’t be trusted!

Submitted By:: Agatha

Location-: Dayton, Ohio

One thought on “Buyer protection is a scam and can’t be trusted!
  1. val on

    This tactic is used all the time. They send you something small and very cheap and then Paypal requires you to ship it back with online tracking to get a refund. In many cases this cost more than refund amount.

    So this is fraud.

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