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: Thursday, February 16, 2012, 13:36

Buyer paid for 1 item, got 2+refund, then resold items.

An eBay Buyer complained that he had not received his item. (Sent from UK to USA) I sent a replacement (and now have signatures for both) He then told PayPal that the item was a Fake (totally untrue) amd apparantly signed an affadavid to swear to PayPal that he had distroyed the item. PayPal them gave him his money back £650 UK Pounds. (He never admitted that he had received 2 items and not just 1. Some time later he sold MY 2 genuine items on his web site. I therefore lost 2 items + Postage and PayPal didn’t want to know – didn’t care and ignored the proof of 2 signatures and my original receipts for my purchases of the items and the liar Buyer must have been very very happy.

Submitted By:: Andrew

Location-: Aberdeen, Scotland


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