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admin : Friday, June 27, 2014, 13:44

Buyer filing claim with both Paypal and Postal servie

Hi, I have recently sold an item on eBay, the item left in good condition, only to arrive damaged. The buyer has since started a claim via pay pal, but has admitted in writing that they are also making a claim via the postal service simultaneously. The statement they have made toward Aus Post, and pay pal are completely different in nature. To Pay pal, they are saying that the item was damaged by me before it was sent, I have photos of the item when it was packed to disprove this. Yet they are claiming to Aus Post that it was damage in transit. I have sent photos, and statements to Pay pal, and even phoned them 4 times to make them aware that the person has been dishonest. Yesterday they found in buyers favour after all the evidence I offered… what can I do? The Australian Financial Ombudsman has been suggested to me by a friend. Any advice would be great…


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